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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Once A Dolphin, Always A Dolphin

You may ask where Inspire Colorguard get its origins from. We were once the Dolphins Colorguard which was a small piece of the Dolphins Dance and Cheer Club. Diane Overstreet, the Dolphin's owner, had a vision of expanding her studio and adding colorguard in 2003. Through recommendations from Cecilia Pulido, Leslie Aguilar was brought on to teach the Dolphins Colorguard.

With a song and a dream the first ever Dolphins Colorguard came to be. That first years colorguard had five members. They performed to Paula Abdul's "Forever Your Girl" and received silver medals at that year's PPAACC Championships. The DDCC Colorguard was on their way to building a legacy.

Over the next nine years, The Dolphins Colorguard has won numerous awards and medals. Through that time, Leslie Aguilar and Diane Overstreet has been at the helm.  In 2011, due to a waning economy and the need to spend more time with family, Diane decided to sell the Dolphins Studio. Leslie decided to keep the colorguard alive and continue the excellence that has always been the Dolphins Colorguard only under a different name; Inspire Colorguard. Diane will still be a part of the Inspire Colorguard team although in a slightly smaller role. 

Although we must change our name we will always be Dolphins at heart. Once a Dolphin, Always a Dolphin.

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